The MSG Toolset Plus from SatSignal Software

The MSG DataManager
  • Monitor the Receiver PC for EUMETCast data
  • Channel selection and decompression
  • Real-time thumbnail display of selected channels
  • Colour display of 4 or 8 channels at full resolution
  • Display of current and archived Admin messages
  • Optimised data word size reduction to 8 bits
  • Save image data in standard formats (PNG, JPEG)
  • Selective archive disk space management
  • Statistics logging and reporting
  • Widely used in industry and universities

      The MSG Animator
  • Up to 30 simultaneous, independent animations, updated in real time
  • Supports Met-7 IDOC, Met-8..10, GOES-E & GOESW, MTSAT-1R, &
    Rapid Scanning Service
  • Selection of channel and region subset, with country boundary overlay
  • Looping and smoothing of animations, with optional image-processing functions and colour lookup tables
  • Kiosk and auto-switch modes for public and demonstration areas
  • Combine multiple channels for false-colour images
  • Accepts MSG, GOES, MTSAT EUMETCast & Internet data
  • Join adjacent satellites to make a world-view
  • Wide choice of colour models including fire hot spots, RGB,
    channel differences, user LUTs etc.
  • Remap image to standard map projections
  • Overlay image on weather chart
  • Animate the result
  • Complete hands-off, command-line automation
SatSignal Software
David Taylor MA (Cantab) MIEE

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