GEO Quarterly

GEO Quarterly No 54

Published June 2017

Selected Contents

Imagery from ESA's Sentinel-3 satellite can now be downloaded from the internet in near real time. Les Hamilton describes just how to achieve this.
Many GEO Members use the EUMETCastView Software for automatically processing Sentinel-3 images retrieved via EUMETCast. But the software can also be used in 'passive' mode to manipulate images from the web as our article explains.
GEO visited the Kempton Rally recently, demonstrating imagery from EUMETCast. You can read about this event in Francis Bell's illustrated article.
Since the previous issue, Meteosat-7 was decommissioned following 19 years operation. David Taylor looks back fondly on an 'old friend'.
To complete matters, we dip into the archives of NASA Earth Observatory to explore an eclectic mix of diverse topics, including new Night Light maps of Earth derived from the low-light sensor aboard the Suomi-NPP satellite.

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