GEO Quarterly

GEO Quarterly No 53

Published March 2017

This issue is in some respects a Copernicus Mission Special since it contains numerous examples of imagery provided by readers from the Sentinel 3 satellite, described last issue, as well as introducing the Sentinel 2A satellite and its 10 metre/pixel resolution.

Selected Contents

Our principal articles in this issue concern ESA's Sentinel 2A satellite which transmits four channels offering amazing 10-metre per pixel resolution. David Taylor sets the ball rolling by presenting an image of the Panama Canal, along with zoomed sections of the lock systems at either end of the waterway to highlight Sentinel's amazing resolving power.
The EOS LAND VIEWER website provides not only a viewing portal for Sentinel 2A imagery, but also permits the download of individual channel files which the user can subsequently combine into colour images.
Unfortunately, the Sentinel 2A downloads are provided in a format that mainstream graphics software is unable to decode. David Taylor has come to the rescue with a new, dedicated program, Sentinel2toJPEG which combines the RGB files into real colour images. Les Hamilton has prepared a profusely illustrated article explaining how to obtain the best results from this software.
There is a fascinating piece from John Tellick on the investigation of stratospheric Blue Jets from the International Space Station.
To complete matters, we dip into the archives of NASA Earth Observatory to explore such diverse topics as the latest NASA IceBridge program, snow on the Hawaiian peaks and an eruption at Erta Ale in Ethiopia.

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