Ayecka SR1

The SR1 Advanced DVB-S/S2 Receiver for EUMETCast Reception.

Ayecka SR1 configuration files.

First get the EUMETSAT SR1 Guide as it contains instructions about using the configuration files:

These configuration files reset to factory defaults and then set parameters for networking and DVB-S2. If the SR1 is already set up with different network params, they will be lost.

These updated files have the following changes to the previous files:

  • Config now closes with a warm reset which should force a save of all settings
  • You don't have to rename .cfg file anymore but do unzip each zip file into a separate, empty folder.
  • A description on what each script does is now added to the readme.txt


Updated SR1 config file for receivers shipped without DVB-S2 settings. This version will not change your network settings.

This is what SR1CFG_DVBS2_ACTIVE_only-updates-DVBS2-radio-cfg_allversions does:

  • Writes DVB-S2 parameters in set 2 (EUMETCast on DVB-S2 Eutelsat 10A from August 14th 2014)
  • Activates configuration set 2
  • Activates RX1
  • Disables High Volume Service
  • Sets Link Margin Thresholds optimal for Basic Service
  • Force save of all settings with a warm reset.

No reset to factory defaults, no changes in network settings.
Works on SR1 receivers with 2 RX channels and on SR1 receivers with single RX.
Tested on software versions 232, 243 and 250.
It does not reset other settings like network so it can also be used if a user has messed up DVB-S2 settings.
If a receiver has been programmed using either config file above this 3rd config is of little use but it won't do any harm.

For all 3 files (and all SR1CFG.EXE) you need a working USB connection with the SR1.


The next file is the Ayecka SR1 console


David Taylor has included brief instructions in the upload of the SR1 Console utility.


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