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GEO was formed in 2003 to enable amateur reception of the new generation of weather and earth imaging satellites which are already in orbit or planned for launch in the near future.

Eumetsat's MSG-3, with its spectacular images of Earth every 15 minutes, is an example of the latest satellite being received by the Group's members. Members of the Group have experience in amateur radio, electronics, meteorology, oceanography, satellites, computing and publishing. "We just wish to share their skills freely with other amateurs."

GEO is managed by, in alphabetical order; David Anderson, Nigel Evans, Clive Finnis, Peter Green, Les Hamilton, David Simmons, David Taylor and John Tellick. Others who have relevant expertise are invited to be involved as GEO evolves. Sadly Francis Bell our Chairman passed away in 2021, the recognition GEO has within our community is a testimony to his contribution. Thanks also to Alan Banks for many years of website support

This Group supports amateur and educational users quite independently of any single equipment manufacturer. Advice about equipment and software from a range of sources will be available to members and construction projects have been published.

GEO organises symposia. The first was in May 2004, there has been one most year s since then - the most recent in May 2014. The programmes included workshops for total beginners and for the more advanced users of MSG-1. The last symposium covered the move to DVB-S2 for EUMETCast. Full details are published in the GEO Quarterly and on this website. Hopefully post Covid a Symposium will be possible again.

In 2007, 2011 and 2015 there were GEO visits to EUMETSAT's headquarters at Darmstadt, all of which were very successful.

As technology improves it is expected there will be a steady influx of people new to the weather satellite hobby. Every effort is made to cater for the absolute beginner as well as those with more experience and a sense of adventure. The Group recognises the long and distinguished contributions that amateurs have made in the use of RF over the past 100 years and wish to continue this tradition using truly amateur skills in the area of satellite reception and image processing.

The Group publishes a quality quarterly newsletter. It has colour images, advice and commentary about the latest Earth imaging satellites and other developments. Seventy Two issues have been published so far. Other resources available to new members are computer software, equipment advice and support from other members.

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