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Since GEO was formed and the website written, a large number of articles and documents have been produced. Some of these are now dated as Weather Satellite Technology moves on.

The webmaster considers many will be of interest to members and guests (old and new).

There are two lists:

The first is for web pages and this is for .pdf files. For these the reader will require a PDF Reader such as Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader

A collection of articles and information sheets from GEO Quarterly and elsewhere.

Meteosat Second Generation GEO Q #1 John Tellick [174 KB]

The Polar Low Phenomenon GEO Q #1 Les Hamilton [305 KB]

First Steps in setting up an APT Ground Station GEO Q #1 Les Hamilton [559 KB]

The R2FX APT Receiver for Weather Satellites GEO Q #7 Les Hamilton [336 KB]

Information Note on EUMETCast [Feb 2005] EUMETSAT [169 KB]

User Announcement concerning the Termination of Meteosat-7 services from 0 degrees. [August 2004] EUMETSAT [19.6KB]

Vierling 'Weatherman' . GEO Q #8 Les Hamilton [475 KB]


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