GEO Symposium 2016

Saturday, April 23rd, 2016

rocket tower

Image: National Space Centre, Leicester

Symposium 2016

Saturday 23rd April 2016

I have been sent the PowerPoint slides for the following presentations.

PowerPoint Presentations

Les Hamilton wrote previously, "I initially found that I could not view the pptx presentations as I am still using PowerPoint from Office 97. There is a free Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer, however, that solves the problem."

I therefore include a link to MS PowerPoint viewer which can be downloaded and used for free. It would appear I am not allowed to store a local copy here on the website.

PowerPoint Viewer

Nicholas Coyne, dissemination engineer from EUMETSAT relating to Sentinel 3A data and other topics.

Nicolas Coyne

.pptx 6.3 MB

Dr. Hartmut Boesch, Head of Earth Observation Science Group, Leicester University with a presentation relating to the current Earth’s Radiation Budget Instruments (GERB) plus their other research projects.

Dr Harmut Boesch

.pptx 191 MB

David Taylor, SatSignal Software, provides an update on his his processing software.

David Taylor

.pptx 826 KB

Rob Albas, Latest developments werkgroep “Kunstmanen”

.pdf 4.6 MB

Rob Albas

For .pdf files one will require a PDF Reader such as
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