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The GEO Quarterly is free to download! There are no membership fees! And the optional sign-up to the GEO-Subscribers at is free!

Les Hamilton is the editor of GEO's flagship GEO Quarterly. It is full of fantastic images and articles.

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We used to charge for membership, however with the switch from costly printed journal to downloadable PDF format membership of GEO is free

We have no data regulatory issues GEO holds no data in any database or PC





The Quarterly was the major expense involved in running GEO and took up the lion's share of subscription income. It was resolved therefore to stop taking further new or renewal subscriptions and encourage all those interested in Weather Satellites to join the GEO Subscribers at Follow GEO on Facebook and keep an eye on the website

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A lively forum which welcomes enquiries about GEO and all other matters relevant to Earth observation by satellite imagery.

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Additional Groups of use to Wx Sat users

MSG-1 User Group
The group's aim is to provide a dedicated area for sharing information about the hardware and software for receiving Meteosat data, the satellites and their facilities.

Weather Satellite Reports Group
A group providing reports, updates and news on the operational aspects of weather satellites.


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