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On Sunday 9th July GEO management took the decision to discontinue production of the Quarterly and change from a paid subscription to an optional sign-up to the GEO-Subscribers at

Les Hamilton had prior to our meeting of the 9th July expressed his wish to step down as editor of GEO's flagship GEO Quarterly. It had been clear for some time that producing the Quarterly had become an increasingly difficult task with very little support from members and little new to report much of the time.

Those present accepted that the printed version of the Quarterly would cease at the end of the year and that it was a sign of the times. The availablity of information on the internet and an active GEO Subscibers Yahoo Group meant ideas, solutions and offers of help were availble in 'real time'.

Many older members just read the Journal and do not receive data.

Les Hamilton regulary posts on GEO Facebook and considered that the website would be a more permanent depository for info/articles. He advised that if people do provide material for articles, he would make them up for the website as downloadable PDF documents.

He said there would be a September Quarterly – he had already constructed some articles.

Francis Bell said we cannot leave this subject without – and he didn’t know how to express his thanks - for all Les’s work on the Quarterly, our flagship product.

There would have been no GEO without the Quarterly. All agreed.

The Quarterly was the major expense involved in running GEO and took up the lion's share of subscription income. It was resolved therefore to stop taking further new or renewal subscriptions and encourage all those interested in Weather Satellites to join the GEO Subscribers at Follow GEO on Facebook and keep an eye on the website

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