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In GEO-Subs Yahoo group, Robert Moore described recent events in the North Atlantic. This is the webmaster's effort using RSS data processed with David Taylor's MSG Data Manager and GeoSatSignal. For Robert's commentary please see below the animation.

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Robert Moore writes,
"Because the current Atlantic weather has been particularly interesting for the last few days I made a monster animation running 24 hours-worth of the 5 minute RSS ch09 data with LUTLS-BlackClouds. Quite spectacular to see both the depression 'winding up' and moving rapidly towards the UK. Anyone teaching geography or meteorology would find this a brilliant demonstration of how a vast weather system develops.

The Met Office chart shows the associated fronts running from north of Iceland, (now) right across Europe and disappearing off the south west corner of the chart toward the eastern seaboard of the USA.

These are _big_ weather systems.


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