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September 2017

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GEO Quarterly

GEO Quarterly No 55

Published September 2017

Selected contents

John Tellick has compiled two articles detailing the atmospheric phenomena of Gigantic Jets and Jellyfish Sprites
A report from NASA's Earth Observatory compares 'before' and 'after' images of a number of Caribbean islands hit by Hurricane Irma.
We have an interesting report, based on imagery from Belgium's Proba V minisatellite, illustrating seasonal changes in the African Sahel.
Another NASA report provides an in-depth description of the retreat of glaciers in the South Patagonian Icefield.
Two articles relating to the Canadian Arctic include pieces describing the Mackenzie River Delta and early ice break-up in the Amundsen Gulf.
With no articles submitted by GEO members, this Quarterly is completed by an eclectic mix of items drawn from the internet, primarily from NASA's Earth Observation Observatory website.

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