Change of transponder for Hot Bird-6 EUMETCast service

(With thanks to the EUMETSAT User Services for the information)
Note: This happened some years ago and is here for interest only.

In the coming weeks EUMETSAT will be performing a transponder change on the Hotbird-6 satellite. The Ku-band service will be moved from Transponder 129 (11096 MHz) to Transponder 117 (10853.44 MHz). As a result of this change, only the frequency in the receiving software will need to be modified, all other parameters remain the same. Antenna re-pointing is not required. Please note, the C-band transponder will not be altered.

Currently the EUMETCast service is being transmitted in parallel on both transponders to allow sufficient time to perform the switch over. The EUMETCast service on Transponder 129 (11096 MHz) will be suspended on 30 September 2004. To avoid any loss of service, please switch to the new transponder 117 (10853.44 MHz) before this date.

Users of the Skystar 2 card or USB box can perform the switch following the steps below:

1. Open the "Setup4PC" application (right-click the antenna icon and select Setup4PC, or double-click the antenna icon.

2. Select "Transponder Management" and "Edit" the transponder you are using for EUMETCast reception, usually the "11096 MHz ..." transponder.

3. Change the frequency in the "Transponder" field to 10853 and push the "Tune" button. The signal and SNR should come back to nominal values after a few seconds. Select "Ok" and close the Setup4PC windows.

Please note that following the switch, the "Network" and "Orbital Position" fields will not display any values. This is the current configuration, but we expect this to be amended in the near future so that the true field values can be displayed in these fields. These field values are provided for information only and do not have any impact on the reception of EUMETCast.

4. A restart of the Server4PC application might be necessary for the updated parameters to be taken. To verify the new setting, open "Setup4PC" again (see 1) and select "Status".

Complete Reception parameters for HB6 Tp117:-

Downlink frequency 10.853,44 MHz Downlink-Polarisation: horizontal (x) Symbolrate: 27,5 MSymb. FEC: 3/4 Reed Solomon: 204/188

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