GEO’s visit to Surrey Satellite Technology.

8th June 2012

The expectation of a great time during GEO’s half day visit to Surrey Satellite Technology (SSTL) on Friday 8th June 2012 was more that fulfilled. All those attending agreed that it was instructive, informative and conducted in a friendly manner.

We were privileged to have the use of SSTL’s meeting room in their administrative block and this room with all its facilities was put to good use by us.

There was a presentation from Arne van Belle relating to the future of satellite receivers and the versatile software needed to drive them.

There was also just time for a GEO membership AGM before the fast moving and informative presentation by Ian Stotesbury of SSTL relating to their satellite designs, construction and operations. Our sincere thanks to Ian for the time he spent with us and his skilful presentation.

The climax to our visit was the tour of SSTL’s satellite construction facilities which are housed in a large purpose designed building which has only been open for about 10 months. The main construction hall was impressive in scale taking up about half the floor area of the building and utilising its full height.

Security issues precluded taking photograph inside the building, however we did take a group photograph just outside which will give a scale to the building.

Those members who stayed for the evening had an enjoyable time in a local pub / restaurant where GEO business and policies were further discussed in addition to general personal experiences.

A fuller report of our visit together with AGM minutes will be published in our next Quarterly.

Francis Bell

GEO delegates outside the SSTL assembly building


Arne van Belle presenting his material about satellites receivers and software.



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