GEO Quarterly - Contents 2008

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GEO-17 March
GEO Report Francis Bell
Arctic Meltdown Les Hamilton
Script Snippets David Taylor
Automated Overlays with GeoSatSignal Terence Smith
News 14 Carolina Francis Bell
GOES LRIT - Part 2: Hardware Ed Murashie
Earth Observation News Peter Wakelin
Crystals for VHF Satellite Receivers Francis Bell
Why use the 3rd Harmonic Ray Godden
Trialling the Dexatek USB Box for EUMETCast David Taylor
Unseasonable Weather Throughout 2007 John Tellick
Bernoulli Effect observed over the
Gulf of St Lawrence
Keith Fraser
DIY Lightning Radar Project John Silver
Falkland Reminiscences Peter Wakelin
The Complete Earth - Book Review Peter Green
GEO-18 June
GEO Report Francis Bell
Satellite Imagery in GEO Quarterly Les Hamilton
Australia in APT David Donnelly
The Current Weather Satellite Scene Laurence Holderness
Receive APT on the Apple iMac with WxToImg Fred van den Bosch
GeoSatSignal Animation Update Terence Smith
A Shopkeeper's Tale (GEO Shop Update) Clive Finnis
MTSAT-1R Images on EUMETCast David Taylor
Zoom in on the Earth with MODIS Les Hamilton
Report from the UK Space Conference Francis Bell, John Tellick
EUMETSAT Satellite Images of the Month' David Lee
GOES LRIT - Part 3: Software Ed Murashie
Earth Observation News Peter Wakelin
Interference to APT Satellite Reception Alan Sewards
Forums Fred van den Bosch
Satellite Communication Systems' Link Budgets Alan Sewards
Aral Sea Update Les Hamilton
Saharan Dust Sweeps across Eastern Europe Various
Bolshaya Ipelka Les Hamilton
Buran - the forgotten Soviet Space Shuttle John Tellick
GPS in Weather Satellite Stations Rob Denton
Computer Corner Douglas Deans
GEO-19 September
GEO Report Francis Bell
Thunderstorm Season Begins with a Bang EUMETSAT
Symposium 2008 Report
Total Solar Eclipse David Taylor
The Curonian Spit NASA
UPS or Inverter: Power back-up systems Rob Denton
Here is the Weather Forecast Mike Stevens
Using BUFR Format scatterometer data in Xrit2Pic Rob Alblas
Wind Data from EUMETCast David Taylor
GEO Readers' APT Imaging Competition Nigel Evans
Computer Corner Douglas Deans
NOAA-18 Image of the Aral Sea Anders Höök
APT Audio Control Francis Bell
Earth Imaging News Peter Wakelin
Ten Days in the Philippines Rob Denton
GEO at the 2008 AMSAT-UK Colloquium David Taylor
Script Snippets: Automated Data Management David Taylor
High Altitude NOAA Imaging Marc Peigneux
An Evening With Bill Giles Peter Green
CSDSC Les Hamilton
Optimising your C-band EUMETCAST Signal Kobus Botha
Wintertime Disintegration of the Wilkins Ice Shelf NASA
Early Summer for Northern Europe John Tellick
GEO-20 December
GEO Report Francis Bell
Tornado in Bulgaria Rob Denton
DWDSAT Fred van den Bosch
Earth Imaging News Peter Wakelin
Signal Plotter P Tast and J Martes
Development of the Double Cross APT Antenna P Tast and J Martes
New Images from Mercury Messenger NASA
Report from Utrecht David Taylor
News from the EUMETSAT Users' Conference David Taylor
Autumn in Europe ESA
APT Competition Nigel Evans
GEO Takes to the Road Francis Bell
Scottish GEO Group Meeting David Taylor
Moving your EUMETCast Dish to EUROBIRD-9 Arne van Belle
Some Early Birds from Beyond the Iron Curtain Marciano Righini
UNOSAT Peter Green
Computer Corner Douglas Deans
Spectacular Lightning over SE England John Tellick
A Problem with Conifers Anthony Lowe
Adding EUROBIRD-9 to your DVB Receiver Arne van Belle

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