GEO Quarterly - Contents 2009

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GEO-21 March
NOAA Direct Readout Conference Report Francis Bell
Arctic Meltdown Revisited Les Hamilton
GEO Report Francis Bell
Skew - Askew John Tellick
Analysing EUMETCast Signals with the ST-4 David Simmons
Royal Meteorological Society Meeting Robert Moore
RGB321 Channel Mapping to highlight Snow David Taylor
River Sunglint causes Sensor Overload David Taylor
GEO Symposium 2009 Francis Bell
My NOAA-19 Photo Album Ed Murashie
Visit to Bonaire - and Hurricane Omar Fred van den Bosch
Presentation Manager Fred van den Bosch
Create an Image of the Antarctic Mario Brustia
Where Celsius and Fahrenheit Meet Keith Fraser
A Guide to Autoget Dale Hardy
A Guide to Producing Composite World Images Dale Hardy
Short-Lived Fog over Lake Ontario Keith Fraser
GEO's Live EUMETCast Display at the RMS John Tellick
Tropical Cyclone Billy NASA
Extending EUMETCast Monitoring David Taylor
Multitemporal ASAR Imagery from Envisat Les Hamilton
Santa Ana Winds fan the Orange County Fire Ed Murashie
GEO-22 June
GEO Report Francis Bell
Experiments with MSG and Metop Reception Mike Stevens
System Scheduler Fred van den Bosch
GEO at the 2009 BROHP Conference Francis Bell
Arctic Comparisons Keith Fraser
Spectacular Cloud Streets
Skating Tours on the Dutch Canals Rob Alblas
Adding a GPS Receiver to my Weather Station Fred van den Bosch
Unusual Contrails Spotted over the North Sea Duncan McLean
New Twist on Antenna Rotors Ed Murashie
It's Fine to Fail Ben Ramsden
Feng Yun-2C Image Flare David Taylor
A Close-Up Look at GOES-O Ed Murashie
Data from EUMETSAT's Land Surface Analysis SAF David Taylor
The Meteor M Series of Russian Polar Satellites Peter Wakelin
WeView: A new, easy to use EUMETCast program Rob Alblas
Applying Snow Detection Software John Tellick
Mountains of Snow Francis Bell
Computer Corner Douglas Deans
DWDSAT Angus Crawford
GEO-23 September
GEO Report Francis Bell
Lake Eyre Flooding brings Life to Australia's Heart Les Hamilton
DCA v QFH Rob Denton
Experiences with a Double Cross Antenna Anders Höök
SAR on the USSR Weather Spacecraft Marciano Righini
HRPT for Beginners Rob Denton
DWDSAT and GRIB Viewer Automation Fred van den Bosch
Photographing Space Shuttle and ISS Trails Francis Breame
Remote Management of PCs by Email Messages Giuseppe Cico
Mobile APT Terry Mullen
Signal Plotter Plus Fred Piering
Communications from the International Space Station David Simmons
The GOES-O Launch - Being There Fred Piering
The Best is Yet to Come Ed Murashie
Symposium 2009 Report Francis Bell
Novaya Zemlya NASA
Turkish Delight Francis Bell
Tale of a Tree Robert Moore
Receiving MSG on a Barebone PC Luc van der Peer
Computer Corner Douglas Deans
Malaysia's RazakSat Launched into Novel Orbit Peter Wakelin
Using a Netbook Computer for APT Reception Fred van den Bosch
GEO-24 December
GEO Report Francis Bell
EUMETCast on a Widescreen Monitor Robert Moore
British Science Festival 2009 Francis Bell
Free Publications Francis Bell
The Heiltskuk Icefield NASA
Wrangell Island NASA
Enthusiasm Abounds at the SEA Conference Ed Murashie
Orographic Lifting in the Rocky Mountains Keith Fraser
Antenna Spotting D and C Taylor
Lena River Image Robert Moore
Ash and Steam Plume from Soufriere Hills Volcano NASA
Computer Controlled Tracking HRPT System Kevin Nice
Feng Yun-2C image Typhoon Mirinae
Which is the Best Antenna for APT Reception Jerry Martes
Lake Eyre Fills ... an Australian view Ken Morgan
Sarychev Peak Eruption - Kuril Islands NASA
Land of Terror - Algeria’s Tanezrouft Basin NASA
August High Pressure Regime over Greenland R Moore & A Banks
Weather Satellite Launch Generates UFO Reports Peter Wakelin
Northern Aral Sea Rides Wave of Optimism EurasiaNet
Hurricane Rick John Tellick
Lake Chad Anders Höök
EUMETSAT User Conference, Bath, UK David Taylor
Installing the 'Dataram' RAM Disk Mike Stevens

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