GEO Quarterly - Contents 2015

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GEO Quarterly No 45
Lake Ontario 'Whiting' Event NASA EO
Cyclones Lam and Marcia Batter Australia Les Hamilton
EUMETCast Changeover Without Tears John Barfoot
Rockering into the Northern Lights NASA EO
HRPT Data Structure of the New Meteor Satellites Rob Alblas
Gulf of Alaska Dust Event NASA EO
Seasonal Changes in the Antarctic Les Hamilton
Lake Effect Snow Swamps Upstate New York NASA EO
Bardarbunga Les Hamilton
Pico de Fogo Erupts Les Hamilton
Snow Problems with a Parabolic EUMETCast Dish Paul Geissmann
Cyclone Bansi Les Hamilton
Power Station Plumes Imaged by Satellite
Cyclone Bansi Imaged from Mauritius
Trials and Tribulations Receiving Meteor M2 LRPT Les Hamilton
Global Sea Ice is Shrinking NASA EO
GEO Quarterly No 46
Bardarbunga: The Eruption is Over NASA EO
EUMETCast DVB S2 Experiences John Tellick
Using WXtoImg to produce Images from Recordings Peter Marchese
Solar Eclipse Images from Belgium André T'Kindt
Cyclones thrash Vanuatu and Western Australia NASA EO
Ashfall from Karymsky Volcano NASA EO
Weather Effects of the 2015 Partial Solar Eclipse Francis Greaves
EMC Advice for using an SDR Dongle Norbert Pütz
Early Days of Weather Satellite Reception Barry Smith
Elephant Foot Glacier NASA EO
Reducing Noise on an SDR Dongle Marc Peigneux
Testing the TBS-6983 and HD DVB-S2 Tuner PCIe Cards Mike Stevens
Super Typhoon Maysak MASA EO
Herbert Island NASA EO
GEO Quarterly No 47
EUMETSAT Visit Photo Essay David Taylor
Contrails from Above and Below D Deans / R Moore
Enhance Meteor Imagery with LRPT Image Processor David Taylor
Advance of the Hubbard Glacier NASA EO
Suomi Images Midsummer Auroras NASA EO
Waw an Namus NASA EO
Practical Cooling System for the Ayecka SR1 John Din
Proba-V Views Cloud-Free Europe John Tellick
Sentinel 2A Les Hamilton
Final MSG Satellite in Orbit John Tellick
Meteorological Technology International Fritz Zajicek
Perito Moreno Glacier NASA EO
Spectacular 22° Solar Halo John Tellick
Some Thoughts on Eutelsat-10 Signal Variation John Tellick
Franz Josef Land Wikipedia
Unusual Meteor M2 Image Enrico Gobbetti
The Weather Experiment (Book Review) Robert Moore
GEO Quarterly No 48
Red Sprites above the USA and Central America NASA EO
TBS-6908 DVB S2 Tuner Mike Stevens
Meteor M1 Transmits Again Enrico Gobbetti
GEO Outreach: Newbury and AMSAT-UK Francis Bell
Magnetic Storm Disables Meteor M2 Les Hamilton
Chile Earthquake on the Radar NASA EO
GEO Visit to EUMETSAT Francis Bell
GEO Shop Report Nigel Evans
What's Your Horizon Barry Smith
Himawari-8 Les Hamilton
Summer in the Netherlands ESA
Malaspina Glacier NASA EO
Receiving Images from Meteor Satellites (update) Les Hamilton
Using Satellites to Study Svalbard's Growing Season NASA EO
Lake Tuz Les Hamilton
A Portable Collapsible QFH Antenna Chris van Lint
GEO Outreach: Kempton Rally Francis Bell

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