GEO Quarterly - Contents 2013

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GEO Quarterly No 37
Fine-Tune your Software to Receive MSG-3 David Taylor
David Taylor's MODIS L1 Viewer Alan Banks
Direct Reception of Metop-A Imagery Gordy Mas
Low Cost APT Receiver based on SDR Rob Alblas
Adding Radiation Data to your Monitoring Station Andreas Lubnow
NOAA finds Long Term Climate Warming Trend Science @NASA
Earthquake Monitoring and Prediction Esko Petaja
Early Years of Satellite Meteorology Paul White
Clouds Across the Moon: Book Review Les Hamilton
Sea Ice Skylights spur Phytoplankton Blooms NASA
Comparing the Winds of Sandy and Katrina NASA
Sea Ice Retreats in the Northwest Passage NASA
Auroras light up the Antarctic Night NASA
Retreat of the Antarctic Peninsula's Crane Glacier Les Hamilton
Sich-2 Showcase Dniprokosmos
GEO Quarterly No 38
Torres del Paine National Park NASA
Chelyabinsk Fireball Les Hamilton
Some Notes on Windows 8 David Taylor
Introduction to MSG DataManager Mike Stevens
Icebergs and Sea Ice off the Mawson Coast NASA
Good Morning Vietnam Francis Bell
Southern Summer Bloom Jason Hopkins
Spring of Contrasting Temperatures NASA
Lake Erie Ice Keith Fraser
EUMETCAST and MSG Setup Mike Stevens
Introducing the New R2FU APT Receiver Holger Eckert
Sea Ice Skylights Spur Phytoplankton Blooms NASA
Sea Ice Retreats in the Northwest Passage NASA
Catalina Eddy NASA Earth Observatory
GEO Quarterly No 39
Spectacular California Smoke Plume NASA
Two Niles Meet NASA
Fire Tornados Illuminate Australia's Red Centre Les Hamilton
Singapore Suffers Indonesian Slash-and-Burn Smog John Tellick
SPAM Meteor Detection Group, The Peter J Bradley
My Local Weather Station Geoff Morris
The Way We Were: Part 1 James Brown
EUMETCast Update Mike Stevens
Atmospheric Gravity Waves Les Hamilton
Metop Reception via EUMETCast Mike Stevens
EUMETCast and Windows-7 Mike Stevens
Weather Watching Away from Home Alistair Dumlop
Operation IceBridge Les Hamilton
GEO Quarterly No 40
Swedish River Details revealed by NOAA 15 David Taylor
Raspberry Pi Digital Wall Clock David Taylor
Arctic Meltdown: Permanent Sea Ice Increases Les Hamilton
Bolshevik Island Les Hamilton
Jet Stream and how it affects Britains Weather Mike Stevens
APT Reception with Low-Budget Stations Raydel Espinet
Weather Systems in Collision Les Hamilton
Cyclone Phailin Les Hamilton
Another Tale from Yesteryear Francis Bell
Get Space! Francis Bell
GEO Symposium - 2014 Francis Bell
Weather Watching Away from Home: Part 2 Alistair Dunlop
Geostationary Feng Yun-2 Imagery from China Les Hamilton
The Way we were: Part 2 James Brown
NOAA Debates Need for L-Band Transmissions NOAA
Klyuchevskaya Erupts NASA
Chelyabinsk Meteorite Recovered Les Hamilton
Temperature Profiles of Cyclones and Typhoons Francis Bell
More Thoughts on the WS1081 Weather Station Storm Dunlop
Mont Aigoual Mountain Weather Observatory Marc Peigneux
Short Wave Receivers for WEFAX Alistair Dunlop

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